Something…about me

Luca De Ambroggio’s painting art is simple, effective in bringing back artist’s emotions. Faithful in reconstructing the first morning lights and the golden colors of the evening, full of energy, in the representation of the racing cars.

My story


Luca De Ambroggio was born in the night of December 31st 1959, right before the dawn of a new year. Ever since childhood, he has been captivated by the hues of colors.


At the age of 12, he developed his affection for colours into a hobby: oil painting. Just a few years later he began practicing this hobby en plein air, facing all imaginable difficulties arised from weather conditions and natural surroudings.


As years passed, what began as an avocation blossomed into a lifelong profession. Luca’s first personal exhibition took place in 1988 in Aosta Valley, Italy. 


In 2010, Luca started portraying vintage cars, of which he has alwasy been a dedicated admirer, thus joining his two favourite passions. As usual, he uses either oil or watercolour techniques to enhance the light effects on the metal and chrome platings of the vintage cars he depicts. 

These portraits are receiving a growing appreciation , thus providing him an increasing reputation.